ONONDAGA COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Expo Center at the New York State Fairgrounds was packed again for day three of the state’s vaccination clinic. Among hundreds of others, 104-year-old Ruth Colvin got her first dose of the vaccine.

At 104-years-old, Ruth Colvin ditched the wheelchair offered by those at the Fairgrounds and walked right in for her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

“I felt nothing… I don’t even know that I’ve had it,” said Ruth.

Joined by a friend who helped her set up this appointment, Ruth wants to send a message about why she is getting vaccinated.

My job is to keep myself healthy and keep myself free from other people giving it to me… And this is exactly what the vaccine does.

Ruth Colvin

After you receive your shot, you will sit off in a designated area so you can be monitored for symptoms. While you are there, you will get a card for your next appointment.

The card will show an appointment date that is exactly three weeks away and at the exact same time as when you got the first dose.

The need to show this to the public and educate them is something that Ruth has done all her life.

Ruth is the founder of Literacy Volunteers of America, which first taught people to read in Syracuse before going nationwide.

Ruth has traveled across the globe and accepted many awards for her work. She has also written 12 novels.

She was just a baby when the 1918 pandemic killed millions of people. This time around, she says we are lucky to have a vaccine.

The COVID has made changes in our lives. But, if we can adapt to them, we’ll get by. And I have faith and hope that things are going to improve.

Ruth Colvin

Ruth is not letting this or anything else get in the way of her life. She said her secret to life is to keep her mind and body in shape.

She has a new book called “My Travels Through Life, Love and Literacy.” It is a memoir.

Ruth also has other projects coming up, including three speeches.