2 CNY companies prospering in crisis also giving back, buying masks to donate to healthcare workers

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PULASKI, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Some Central New York companies are seeing a big increase in orders directly related to the coronavirus pandemic, and several of them are finding ways to also give back.

HP Mile of Syracuse makes pharmaceutical labels, including ones used on COVID-19 test kits.

The Healthway Family of Brands has a long waiting list for its highly regarded air filter systems.

“Our people and our team are just amazing, what’s happened the culture. They feel so proud of being able to help people with what we’re doing, says Healthway Family of Brands Global President Vinny Lobdell.

Healthway’s home headquarters in Pulaski is running two shifts and just hired 17 people in the past week. They are also running 20 production days at their facility overseas.

Lobdell tells NewsChannel 9, “Mike Brady [president and owner of HP Mile], one of the most philanthropic guys I know, has teamed up with us at Healthway Family of Brands, to purchase 5,000 N95 masks to donate to hospitals. We’re starting here in Oswego County and then were working with Crouse, St. Joe’s and Upstate.”

“We’re starting to see obviously cases pop up in Oswego County, so ConnextCare and also Oswego Health, I’m a board member over there, we’re doing everything we can to say we need this PPE as well. The gowns, the masks, the gloves, all the different things not only for our providers but our nursing staff, our front office staff, our billing staff and then also the people that come in our doors,” says Mike Backus, board chair at ConnextCare.

ConnextCare has a number of primary care physicians offices across Oswego County.

Lobdell adds, “We’re on the other side of this. We’ve been really blessed with just a huge uptick in business and we feel like we’ve done in the community of Pulaski, like Mike Brady at HP Miles has done in all of Central New York, is when business is great for us we really like to respond back in a way to give back to the community.”

“Their ability to leverage other markets, to have other things that they can demonstrate and share with us that really makes us feel good. It shows they’re dedicated to us as well,” Backus tells NewsChannel 9.

Lobdell says they’re hoping to get these masks delivered by early next week, and adds they’ll try to get even more masks to donate locally.

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