SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — 2,400 people who own property in Onondaga County incorrectly received letters this week from the State Tax Department informing them they could lose their STAR tax rebate.

The names of those 2,400 people were inadvertently put on the list by the Onondaga County Department of Real Property Taxes because they hadn’t paid their 2022 taxes yet. It should have only been names of people who didn’t pay their 2021 taxes, according to Onondaga County’s director of real property taxes.

The department has received “quite a few phone calls” from anxious people thinking they were tax delinquent and weren’t.

A recently-passed state law makes people who haven’t paid their taxes ineligible from the rebate.

The people inadvertently on the list don’t need to take any action and can ignore the letter.

811 people who received letters and are tax delinquent for 2021 need to pay or will lose their STAR tax break.