SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its inspection reports for restaurants checked during the week of May 15 to May 21, 2022.

Three restaurants failed their inspections: Denny’s on Thompson Road, a Domino’s in Baldwinsville and Apex Entertainment in Destiny USA. Denny’s and Apex Entertainment failed with a critical violation.

You can see the details on the infractions at each restaurant below:

Denny’s on 6591 Thompson Road in Syracuse

Critical Violation: Improper cooling and refrigerated storage of potentially hazardous foods.

Code Requirements: Enough refrigerated storage equipment is not present, properly designed, maintained or operated so that all potentially hazardous foods are cooled properly and stored below 45 °F as required.

Inspector Findings: A gallon of milk noted at 59 °F on counter. When asked employee how long it was on the counter, she stated that it had just been pulled out. Smoothie mix, milk gallon, and non-dairy creamer in small reach-in cooler noted 54 °F. Thermometer in cooler noted 50 °F. Manager states milk was delivered this morning and was in the cooler for less than two hours. Cooler not operating to maintain potentially hazardous foods at or below 45 °F. Milk moved to another cooler.

Improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities was also found in violation two times. The inspector says that floor edges under and around equipment, the floor under shelving in the walk-in cooler, and the floor in the walk-in freezer were not clean.

Domino’s on 80 Smokey Hollow Road in Baldwinsville

Domino’s did not have any critical violations, but there were four violations of improper sanitary facilities and controls. The inspector noted that two sinks had broken hot water faucet handles and that hot water does not turn on at the hand was sinks. The toilet rooms also have automatic faucets that do not go cold. The inspector added that there is hot water at the 3 bay sink so employees can wash their hands there.

Apex Entertainment in Destiny USA

Critical Violation: Foods adulterated or received from unapproved sources.

Code Requirement: Food from unapproved source, spoiled, adulterated on premises.

Inspector Findings: 5 plastic shell containers of strawberries found with mold on some parts of the strawberries. All of them were discarded upon request. It appears that they were dated May 5, 2022, and had already expired when found. Corrected by discarding.

Apex Entertainment also had a few other violations. Improper sanitary facilities and controls were found in violation 3 times. The inspector noted that pipes were leaking in under the bar and in the dishwashing room. They added that a floor drain near the dishwasher also fills up from below when the spray sink is in use and has greasy residue built up on the sides.

Another violation found was inadequate insect/rodent control. The inspector wrote that drain flies were present at the bar, almost every floor drain, wet floors, and soda nozzles.

Improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities was also found to be in violation one time. The inspector reported that floors at the bar and in the dishwashing room had standing water.

Below is a list of inspected locations that were operating acceptably:

Anaren Microwave Cafeteria6635 Kirkville RoadDewitt5/17/2022
Antonios Ice Cream1401 Buckley RoadSalina5/20/2022
Asian Cafe511 East Genesee Street, Unit #1Manlius5/17/2022
Barney’s BBQ12912 Timerson RoadOnondaga County5/19/2022
Barney’s BBQ Commissary9022 Plainville RoadLysander5/19/2022
Basil Leaf Ristorante3920 Brewerton RoadClay5/17/2022
BG11 West Genesee StreetLysander5/19/2022
Bistro 1926800 Nottingham RoadDewitt5/19/2022
Bob Barkers Mobile Unit6033 Monopoli PathOnondaga County5/19/2022
Brancato’s Catering400 Buckley RoadSalina5/19/2022
Cafe Kubal324 Water StreetSyracuse5/16/2022
Cafe Sankofa2323 South Salina StreetSyracuse5/19/2022
Captain’s Haven7512 West Murray DriveCicero5/18/2022
Chicken Bandit Commissary (The)3914 Brewerton RoadClay5/18/2022
CoreLife Eatery5743 Widewaters Parkway, Ste 100Dewitt5/18/2022
Dewitt Community Church3600 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt5/17/2022
Dunkin3493 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt5/18/2022
Dunkin Donuts400 Velasko RoadSyracuse5/16/2022
Flojo’s9022 Plainville RoadLysander5/19/2022
Food Consultants Inc. Culinary Cente126 Metropolitan Park DriveSalina5/20/2022
Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant324 West Water StreetSyracuse5/16/2022
Highland Grill208 Highland AvenueDewitt5/17/2022
Holiday Inn Express5860 Carmenica DriveCicero5/18/2022
Jamesville Community Church6300 East Seneca TurnpikeDewitt5/17/2022
Jewish Community Center5655 Thompson RoadDewitt5/18/2022
Ji-Woo’s Cupbops9 Dann RoadOnondaga County5/17/2022
Johnny Gee’s BBQ & Catering Services106 Highridge PlaceSyracuse5/19/2022
Julie’s Diner3800 Brewerton RoadClay5/16/2022
Liberty Pizza & Convenience5930 East Seneca TurnpikeDewitt5/17/2022
Little Mac’s Pizzeria1621 Grant BoulevardSyracuse5/20/2022
Local 315 Brewing Co Mobile Unit3160 Warners RoadCamillus5/20/2022
Luna Food Lover105 West Fayette StreetSyracuse5/17/2022
Lyncourt Bakery2205 Teall AvenueSalina5/18/2022
Manlius United Methodist Church111 Wesley StreetManlius5/19/2022
May Memorial Unitarian Universalist3800 East Genesee StreetSyracuse5/17/2022
McDonalds of Baldwinsville2234 Downer StreetVan Buren5/19/2022
Mr. Stirfry214 Tecumseh RoadDewitt5/19/2022
No.1 Kitchen NY119 West Seneca StreetManlius5/18/2022
Oaks at Dewitt (The)18 Arbor LaneSyracuse5/17/2022
Octagon House of Camillus5420 West Genesee StreetCamillus5/18/2022
Original Grain302 South Salina StreetSyracuse5/17/2022
Pastime Athletic Club of Syracuse1314 North Salina StreetSyracuse5/17/2022
Peppino’s Mobile Unit105 Sedgwick DriveSyracuse5/20/2022
Pies Guys Pizzeria of Liverpool (The8075 Oswego Road, Suite 2Clay5/18/2022
Ponchito’s Taqueria Mobile Unit230 Dale StreetSyracuse5/20/2022
Sake Bomb Japanese Steakhouse8081 Brewerton RoadCicero5/16/2022
Santangelo’s Ristorante673 Old Liverpool RoadSalina5/20/2022
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church2200 Valley DriveSyracuse5/17/2022
St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church325 Waring RoadSyracuse5/19/2022
St. Vincent de Paul Parish Center1101 Burnet AvenueSyracuse5/18/2022
Strigo Vineyards9272 Plainville RoadLysander5/19/2022
Sugar Blossom Cake Shop304 Tulip StreetSalina5/20/2022
Tecumseh Golf Club200 Waring RoadDewitt5/19/2022
Town of Elbridge Recreation ParkSandbank RoadElbridge5/19/2022
Ven Rosas Rollin Bistro8038 Pickett LaneCicero5/18/2022
Village of Elbridge – Seymour Loft PSandbank RoadElbridge5/19/2022
Vineyard Church – Cicero (The)8262 Brewerton Road, #1Cicero5/16/2022
Watan Bakery601 Park StreetSyracuse5/20/2022
William’s Bakery & Ice Cream6545 State Route 31Cicero5/17/2022
Xiong China Garden Chinese Rest.8075 Oswego RoadClay5/18/2022