(WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its inspection reports for restaurants checked during the week of June 12 to June 18, 2022.

One restaurant failed their inspection: Skaneateles Bakery on Jordan Street in Skaneateles. The bakery had no critical violations and 7 other violations. You can see the details of the infractions below.

Food not protected in general

Code Requirement: Food not protected during storage, preparation, display, transportation, and service, from potential sources of contamination (e.g., food uncovered, mislabeled, stored on floor, missing or inadequate sneeze guards, food containers double stacked)

Inspector Finding: Two large loaves of bread stored uncovered on a shelf on the back deck of the facility. Loaves moved inside to the kitchen, corrected.

Poor hygiene and activities of food workers

Code Requirement: Tobacco is used; eating, drinking in food preparation, and dishwashing food storage areas

Inspector Finding: Employee drinks and snacks stored on food prep counter, items moved, corrected.

Poor sanitary design, construction, installation of equipment and utensils

Code Requirement: Non-food contact surfaces and equipment are improperly designed, constructed, installed, and maintained (equipment not readily accessible for cleaning, surface not smooth finish)

Inspector Finding: Interior of cooler in the rear of kitchen noted unclean with an accumulation of food debris. Gaskets torn on reach-in cooler in the kitchen (not smooth and easily cleanable.)

Improper cleaning, washing, and sanitizing of equipment and utensils

Code Requirement: Food contact surfaces not washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use and following any time of operations when contamination may have occurred

Inspector Finding: Meat slicer in basement noted unclean with an accumulation of food debris. Slicer to be taken down and properly cleaned and sanitized as soon as possible.

Improper sanitary facilities and controls

Code Requirement: Handwashing facilities inaccessible, improperly located, dirty, in disrepair, improper fixtures, soap, and single service towels or hand drying devices missing

Inspector Finding: Paper towels missing from hand wash sink, Access to sink blocked by food storage rack. Rack moved and napkins provided for drying hands until paper towels are obtained, corrected.

Inadequate insect/rodent control

Code Requirement: Insects, and rodents present.

Inspector Finding: Flies present in the facility.

Improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities

Code Requirement: Floors, walls, ceilings, not smooth, properly constructed, in disrepair, dirty surfaces

Inspector Finding: Floors around food mixer and around hand was sink noted unclean with an accumulation of food debris. Floor to be cleaned and sanitized as soon as possible.

Additional Information Collected During Inspection

Comments: Sliced cooked beef measured 40°F in reach-in cooler at sandwich prep counter.

Below is a list of inspected locations that are operating acceptably:

A.W. Wander145 East Seneca StreetManlius6/14/2022
Aloha Japanese Bento Express217 South Salina StreetSyracuse6/15/2022
American Legion Post #2393808 Jordan Street RoadSkaneateles6/15/2022
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar3189 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt6/14/2022
Bangkok Thai Restaurant7421 Oswego Road #9Clay6/15/2022
Boisey’s Cafe3 North StreetMarcellus6/13/2022
Bullfinch Brewpub306 Hiawatha BoulevardSyracuse6/16/2022
Burger King5697 State Route 80Tully6/17/2022
Carl’s Kountry Kitchen2300 Teall AvenueSalina6/13/2022
Carnegie Cafe & Catering3770 Brewerton RoadSalina6/15/2022
Carvel Dewitt Mobile Unit #25351 Carrick CircleDewitt6/17/2022
Cavalry Veterans of Syracuse4801 Troop K RoadManlius6/15/2022
Chadwicks2529 James StreetSyracuse6/14/2022
Cicero North Syracuse Athletic Boost6002 State Route 31Cicero6/15/2022
CNY Regional Market Authority2100 Park StreetSyracuse6/13/2022
Coyne’s Tavern1709 Burnet AvenueSyracuse6/15/2022
Crossroads120 Gifford StreetSyracuse6/15/2022
D&G’s Mac and Cheese4192 Fireside CircleClay6/14/2022
Delicioso Coco Helado Syracuse Commi801 South Geddes StreetSyracuse6/15/2022
Dragon China6320 South Salina StreetOnondaga6/14/2022
Duo Chang Jiang7575 Buckley RoadClay6/13/2022
Evergreen (The)125 East Water StreetSyracuse6/15/2022
First Presbyterian Church of Liverpool603 Tulip StreetSalina6/15/2022
Fish Company of Liverpool209 Oswego StreetSalina6/15/2022
Foul Ball Bar & Grill (The)2710 James StreetSyracuse6/13/2022
Good18 West Genesee StreetSkaneateles6/15/2022
Good Uncle614 South Crouse AvenueSyracuse6/13/2022
Heritage Hill Brewhouse & Kitchen3149 Sweet RoadDewitt6/16/2022
Ji-Woo’s Cupbops Commissary315 North Main StreetClay6/15/2022
Kirby’s Grill2212 West Genesee StreetGeddes6/13/2022
Lafayette Inn (The)2419 US Route 11Lafayette6/14/2022
Lamont Tavern108 Lamont AvenueGeddes6/16/2022
Liverpool Girls Softball League6907 Larkin StreetSalina6/14/2022
Lockheed Martin Cafeteria – Bldg #5497 Electronics ParkwaySalina6/15/2022
Lockheed Martin Cafeteria – Bldg #7497 Electronics ParkwaySalina6/15/2022
Mi Pueblo Cafe801 South Geddes StreetSyracuse6/15/2022
Mr. Squeeze Lemonade84 Kingsberry Drive DriveOnondaga County6/16/2022
Nestico’s Restaurant412 North Main StreetClay6/16/2022
Pasquale’s Slice of Italy511 East Genesee StreetManlius6/13/2022
PEACE Sr Nutr @ Ross Towers710-712 Lodi StreetSyracuse6/13/2022
Pfohl’s4604 South Salina StreetSyracuse6/17/2022
Poke Noodle9090 Destiny USA Drive, H209Syracuse6/13/2022
Pompey Hill Fire Department7407 Academy StreetPompey6/16/2022
Rescue Mission Alliance148 Gifford StreetSyracuse6/15/2022
Rong Cheng Chinese Kitchen402 West Seneca TurnpikeSyracuse6/13/2022
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church900 Vine StreetSalina6/15/2022
Syracuse Ming Hing Restaurant4141 South Salina StreetSyracuse6/13/2022
Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility401-425 South AvenueSyracuse6/15/2022
Thai Love NY2822 Lemoyne AvenueSalina6/14/2022
Toss ‘n’ Fire Mobile Unit #29388 Woodlawn DriveCicero6/15/2022
Tully’s Good Time Concessions2934 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt6/16/2022
Twin Trees III310 North Main StreetClay6/17/2022
Ven Rosas Rollin Bistro8038 Pickett LaneCicero6/17/2022
Vin’s @ SRC7502 Round Pond RoadCicero6/17/2022
Wendy’s3508 Brewerton RoadSalina6/16/2022
Wendy’s5845 East Circle DriveCicero6/17/2022
Yards Grille5648 Green Lakes Park DriveManlius6/14/2022