SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Super Bowl Sunday finally happened and preparations for the big game were well underway for days at Peppino’s Restaurant & Catering in Syracuse.

It’s one of the busiest days of the year for the popular restaurant.

“Super Bowl is such a big day. We actually start earlier in the week,” said John Vigliotti, owner of Peppino’s Restaurant & Catering.

From making the dough to popping it in the oven, boxing it up and ready to serve. One pie after another. Sunday was all hands on deck at Peppino’s.

“We are getting a lot of deferred orders, people calling in days ahead which is nice because we can start preparing that food,” said Vigliotti.

Another Super Bowl Sunday taking the cake, with well over a hundred orders coming in.

“Right around 4 o’clock is when people start wanting the food delivered and that’s the big thing with Super Bowl. Not only is it busy it’s all within a six-hour period,” said Vigliotti.

Those six hours are game time for Peppino’s.

“We are going to have nine delivery drivers. Our challenging part these days, you know it’s hard for us to tell how many of the customers are going to call us directly or how many customers are going to call third-party delivery apps,” said Vigliotti.

Even with rising inflation impacting prices for purchasing, Vigliotti says its customers would not feel that impact.

“We have yet to make a price increase in the past year. So our prices are the same from last year.,” said Vigliotti.

Peppino’s is hoping to keep it that way, but only time can tell.

The restaurant says the supply chain hasn’t been easy, but Peppino’s is still making sure it has all your game favorites!

“The supply chain has been pretty challenging since covid, but leading up to the super bowl mostly the main items for Super Bowl Sunday, flour, cheese, sauce, tomatoes and wings have been plentiful,” said Vigliotti.

Once Super Bowl Sunday is over with, preparations will begin for March Madness at Peppino’s.

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