A lift off taking place right in the Finger Lakes! Tory Carissimo and his team at Overlook Horizon High Altitude Balloons will be launching their 9th high altitude balloon on Monday.

The balloon, filled with helium, will go 115,000 feet up into the atmosphere; a location near space where no human would survive without special pressurized equipment.

Overlook Horizon Flight Director Tory Carissimo says, “As it rises, the weather balloon expands from the decreased pressure and it will burst at the top of the atmosphere and then safely parachute back down.”

The National Weather Service launches about 70,000 weather balloons into the atmosphere per year but what makes Tory’s balloon different is a camera attached to the bottom.

Carissimo says, “We get unique shots. It’s something the National Weather Service doesn’t do because they don’t have cameras. We have three cameras to cover different angles.”

Those cameras will be set to cover the Solar Eclipse from a very interesting perspective.

Carissimo says, “We’re going to get footage of the actual eclipse happening and facing the sun. But we’re also going to have cameras facing the ground to get kind of a unique perspective looking back at earth while the eclipse is happening so we can hopefully see a time-lapse of the shadow that occurs during the eclipse.”

The flight is scheduled for 1:10 p.m. Monday and it is expected to take three hours.

Overlook Horizon will be broadcasting the launch live and they hope to upload the video of the eclipse that evening after they recover their equipment.

For more information on the non-profit organization and a detailed look at their Solar Eclipse launch click here.