SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Several restaurants in the Syracuse area have closed within the last month including Kirby’s Grills in Westvale and Fayetteville, and Peachtree Sandwich Company in Dewitt.

The owner of Peachtree Sandwich Company says it’s been tough.

“The rising costs of goods, supply chain issues, those types of things just make it that much more difficult, you feel like you’re always running uphill.”

Marty Richardson opened her fourth restaurant in August. She said she’s experiencing some of the same issues many other restaurants are facing, so she had to make some changes.

“We just redid the menu at Chelsea’s a month ago and basically made our most expensive thing in the low $20.00 and basically just changed our whole concept so that it was affordable, doable, could come out of the kitchen quick and just literally made a complete overhaul from what we were before because of the cost of goods.”

Richardson says she’s paying about 30%-40% more for some items, and others are hard to come by. She said these changes will help keep all her restaurants running, including her newest one in Township 5, the second Rise & Grind Café.

“We’re just super careful watching everything that comes in and making sure we’re receiving everything and making sure we’re not wasting, just trying to be so careful because these times are just so hard.”

She says her staff helps to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“The staff was wonderful, they were jumping in, like servers were helping, the cooks were helping, we have a really good vibe of a team which is so nice to have.”

Richardson owns, Nestico’s Too, Chelsea’s Restaurant and Bar, Rise & Grind Café in Syracuse, and Rise & Grind Café in Township 5.