The next time you walk down Main St. in Cortland, you just might catch Jesse Abbott, the city’s new community-oriented police officer. 

“I hope that I can have a positive impact on as many people as I can throughout the day,” Abbott said during a morning walk on Friday. 

His new position began in 2017 and was funded through a federal grant. The goal is to making policing in the city more proactive, rather than reactive. 

“We don’t know what someone is going through that particular day.” Abbott said. “Often times if you just have a stranger come up to you, let alone a police officer, to say ‘hey how’s your day going’, they may turn around and have a different outlook on life.” 

The results have largely been positive, with many shop owners on the street saying they feel more comfortable with Abbott’s constant presence. He’s the only community-oriented officer in Cortland.

Abbott’s office is located on 67 Main St. People are welcome to stop by and introduce themselves.