(WSYR-TV) — A new study has found that New York State ranks poorly for quality of care in comparison to others throughout the country.

The New York Public Interest Research Group compared New York to 16 other urbanized states in the country. In N.Y., they found 34 percent of hospitals were ranked with one star in terms of quality in 2019.

The study also found N.Y. hospitals are much more likely to be ranked by medicare as “below the national average” when it comes to the quality of care. This ranking talks about the safety of care and patient experience specifically. And while New York City does cover most of this statistic, more than half Upstate hospitals are ranked below the national average for patient experience.

The only area New York compares positively to other states is mortality rate. But the study does admit, there needs to be more research when it comes to finding out why hospitals in our state are not making the cut for quality care.

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