ATLANTA, GA (WSYR-TV) — Hundreds of Olympic hopefuls will race in Atlanta Saturday for a chance to represent the USA in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

There are only three spots for men and three for women on the team.

Timing their performance is a Syracuse company headed by a Cicero North Syracuse High School grad, Pat Leone.

If you ever ran in or supported a competitor in a Central New York road race, or cheered on a family member at a high school or collegiate track or cross country meet, the Leone name will be familiar.

Leone Timing has tracked runners at all levels for almost 20 years.

We spoke with Pat Leone, who with his team, is in Atlanta getting everything ready for Saturday’s nationally broadcast marathon.

Pat Leone, a high school and college runner, got started in the business while still in school.

So how did a company based in Upstate New York land such a prestigious job?

And after the last runner crosses the finish line in Atlanta and Leone Timing’s crew is packed up, they’ll be get ready for the next race, closer to home.

They’ll be keeping time at the four mile long Shamrock Run on Tipperary Hill Saturday, March 7th.

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