COVID-19 has forced so many people to change their travel plans, with some even considering a cross-country adventure or enjoying their own backyards.

RV Sales have also surged and one company has a unique way for you to enjoy thousands of locations across North America. Businesses across the country including wineries, breweries, farms and museums have opened up their properties to be used overnight by RV Harvest Host Members.

Owner Joel Holland purchased Harvest Hosts in 2018 and says he has more than 1100 primary hosts and nearly 350 golf course hosts available to members of his RV community. Included in the membership you’ll have access to interactive maps and locations of Harvest Hosts, their amenities and restrictions.

Acting as a stepping stone during your trek the Harvest Host program is set for a stay of a maximum of 24 hours as most places don’t offer the services you would find at campgrounds. Members are encouraged as a courtesy to support the business that is hosting them.

To learn more about Harvest Hosts and how you can take part, visit them online at