SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — When Dan Abrams took the witness stand inside the old Onondaga County Courthouse Tuesday, it wasn’t to be part of any case. He wanted to sit where President Theodore Roosevelt sat nearly 100 years ago.

For the past many months, Abrams has been researching the Roosevelt’s trial, which was moved to Syracuse from Albany.

His book, Theodore Roosevelt For the Defense, recounts when Roosevelt had to defend against accusations of libel made by the heard of the New York State Republican Party.

Abrams tells NewsChannel, “We were stunned how few people knew about this. At the time, this was the biggest story out there. The New York Times devoting 12 spaced pages to the trial. This was an enormous story being covered all over the country for weeks. Theodore Roosevelt on the witness stand. Somehow it became a footnote to history.”

Abrams book is for sale at book stores, including at the Onondaga Historical Association in Downtown Syracuse, and online.