ACC Extra brings countless SU games to fans

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SU sports fans can now get their fill of all things Orange thanks to the newly launched ACC Extra Network with ESPN.

It just kicked off this Fall via the Watch ESPN app and streaming online.

SU Athletic Director, John Wildhack tells NewsChannel 9, “The ACC model with ESPN really mirrors that which ESPN did with the SEC, which has been incredibly successful so far for ESPN and the conference and by association their 14 schools.”

Wildhack should know– he was a top ESPN executive negotiating the deal with the ACC and now finds himself on the other side as SU’s Athletics Director.

He says the exposure ACC Extra will provide SU and its student athletes is tremendous.

“Its great for our Olympic sports for recruiting, for recruiting for our Olympic sports will be great.  Obviously great for the families and loved ones of our student athletes.”  Wildhack says.

SU Athletics TV Senior Producer Scott Hecht says, “Its about getting product out there for the viewer who is the SU fan, who loves this university and gives them an opportunity to see sports they don’t normally get to see a lot of.”

Kristen Hennessey, Associate Producer for SU Athletics TV, adds, “We actually have time in our broadcast that we can share a little bit more about the students and what they’re doing off the field.”

They say the ACC Extra involves many SU students who will never play a sport for the University.

“Its also about walking out of here with a diploma in one hand and a resume in the other that says I worked on a hundred events for ESPN.”  Hecht says.

This year and next year, the ACC Extra Network will be found on the Watch ESPN app on your tablet, smartphone or streaming device like Roku and online on your computer.  In August of 2019 they launch it on TV.

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SU Football Schedule

  • Saturday, August 31, 6 p.m.: SU at Liberty
  • Saturday, September 7, 12 p.m.: SU at Maryland
  • Saturday, September 14, 7:30 p.m.: Clemson at SU (on NewsChannel 9)
  • Saturday, September 21, TBD: Western Michigan vs. SU
  • Saturday, September 28, TBD: Holy Cross vs. SU
  • Thursday, October 10, 8 p.m.: SU at NC State
  • Friday, October 18, 7 p.m.: Pittsburgh vs. SU
  • Saturday, October 26, TBD: SU at Florida State
  • Saturday, November 2, TBD: Boston College vs. SU
  • Saturday, November 16, TBD: SU at Duke
  • Saturday, November 23, TBD: SU vs. Louisville
  • Saturday, November 30, TBD: Wake Forest vs. SU

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