SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Matt Beach and his staff have the all the ingredients to make the best burger in the state.

This year they retained their title after cooking up their bacon grilled cheese burger.

“We used a smoked pecan bacon, shoulder bacon which is a little bit thicker cut,” Beach explained. “The smokiness really comes out, two kinds of cheeses. We used pepper jack and American.”

It’s their third win in a row and seventh overall.

Getting to keep the title wasn’t easy. They weren’t even sure they could keep their doors open throughout the pandemic.

“I was terrified to the point where I interviewed with two different establishments just to cover my grounds because I didn’t know what was happening,” Beach said.

They made the switch to offer carry-out orders as well as catering.

“We have one, two very large catering jobs every week which help out at the bottom line,” Beach explained.

Like many others, they struggled to keep staff. Right now they’re managing but Beach said he could hire a couple more. He credits his team for helping the restaurant make it this far.

“We fought, we battled, we came out on top and we’re looking forward now,” Beach said.

Ale ‘N’ Angus Pub has been open for 18 years. Beach tells us they will be at Taste of Syracuse for the first time this year.

He also wants to expand to add a second restaurant in one of the suburbs.