SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse City School District Board of Education held it’s first scheduled board meeting since an eighth grader brought that loaded gun to Ed Smith K-8 School.

Superintendent Jaime Alicea presented the district’s emergency plans and school building plans for next school year to the Board of Education. It’s the first time the board is hearing any of this and NewsChannel 9 has a list of the safety measures that will go into place come fall.

Here are the district’s emergency plans and school building plans:

  • SCSD will work with the Syracuse Police Department to have special patrols at K-8 schools.
  • The district will be adding 40 school sentry positions. A sentry is a security guard
  • The district will improve metal detection technology
  • Bag scanners and metal detection equipment will be added to K-8 schools

This meeting is not only important because of this safety plan, but because it’s also important because it’s Alicea’s last board meeting. He is retiring at the end of June after 39 years in Syracuse schools. The board along with community members honored him at the meeting.