ONEIDA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — All Seasonings in Oneida is not only celebrating 25 years in business, it is still growing. The company imports, manufactures, blends and redistributes spices across the nation.

The company has almost every spice found in the world, 15-20 million pounds of products per year come through their warehouse.

It started in 1993 by Joe Farnach from the restaurant the family owned in Sylvan Beach.

“It kind of took off seven or eight years later as we progressed and invested some time and money into it,” says current CEO Brendan Farnach.

Now the facility has three production lines and turns out about 4,500 different finished goods a year.

John Elberson is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at All Seasonings.

He tells NewsChannel 9, “Almost have to remind ourselves that we’re in Oneida New York and we are working with suppliers from all over the world and customers from all over the country and we’re proud of that.”

They may take a spice in bulk and package it up in a variety of sizes, from one pound to 50 pounds.

“Sometimes when we hear about where it ends up, it’s a little head scratching, but we know we’ve got good quality wherever it ends up,” Elberson says.

They also do custom blends, like a halal chicken powder mix they were producing the day NewsChannel 9 visited the facility.

Elberson says there’s very little they can’t do there,” Especially on the custom blend side when there’s all these different ingredients and intricacies. And we may have somebody working with that recipe for 50 years, once we get it from them and do start doing the work for them it’s exciting to say we got it right the first time and the team enjoys that feedback as much as I do.”

All Seasonings customers range from small restaurants on a local and regional level to large chains and national brands you can find in any grocery store.

Farnach says, “Newman’s Dressing, we do some ingredients that end up in their products through one of our co-packing partners in Rochester that buy some product from us.”

They both say it’s exciting to find All Seasonings products pop up in unexpected places.

“I was in Jamaica for my sister’s wedding and there was celery salt that we manufactured.  It was pretty neat,” Farnach tells NewsChannel 9.

All Seasonings is set to break ground this summer on its fourth expansion since 2005. They say it will help them keep their industry leading order turnaround promise of three days.

“It does mean a lot to grow your hometown and your local area and to see it have positive effects on a community you’re a part of,” Farnach says.

All Seasonings has gone from eight8 employees in 2005 to 70 today, and they’re looking to add about another dozen this year.

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