SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Early this week, a mother cat and her kittens were left overnight at the CNYSPCA, and unfortunately for the animals in the area, the trend continues.

Dog dumped overnight. Courtesy of CNYSPCA.

On June 7, another pet was dropped off during nighttime hours. The CNYSPCA released that the pet is a very friendly, younger mixed breed dog.

Currently, they are looking at camera footage to identify the person who dropped the dog off.

The CNYSPCA is running very low on space to house these animals. But this isn’t stopping them from rescuing them.

“I totally understand that a lot of animal shelters are full and that people, for one reason or another, may need to surrender their pets but we are struggling to keep up,” said Troy Waffner, CEO of the CNYSPCA. “We need donations for supplies, food, vet checks and surgeries and more.”

Other pets have come in from animal cruelty and dog control cases.

They recently took in Chevy, a mixed breed dog who was extremely emaciated. The CNYSPCA is working diligently to improve Chevy’s health, and quality of life.

Chevy, the emaciated rescue. Courtesy of CNYSPCA.

“We take in all animals regardless of their breed, age, temperament and health,” Waffner said. “Because of that we put a lot of love, effort and services into making sure that all of these pets are taken care, worked with behaviorally, treated medically and able to be adopted out.”

CNYSPCA serves all of Madison County, Oneida County and most of Onondaga County providing dog control and animal cruelty services, because of this animals come into the facility every day.  Additionally, when not at capacity, the facility will accept animals that surrendered by their owners.  CNYSPCA is a no kill shelter meaning that they have a placement rate over 90 percent and do not euthanize for space.  All animals are housed and cared for until they are adopted.  

Central New York SPCA

To see the animals that are available to adopt from CNYSPCA or to make a donation go to their website.