TOWN OF SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A tractor trailer driver was ticketed Tuesday after crashing into the CSX Railroad Bridge over Onondaga Lake Parkway, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to NewsChannel 9 on Wednesday.

The driver was ticketed for failing to obey a traffic control device.

Jordan Humphrey, an Uber driver from Camillus, shared a photo of the incident with NewsChannel 9.

Humphrey said he came to a complete stop behind the truck, which had slowed down approaching the bridge. He then says the truck tried to make it underneath.

Again, the incident became fodder for internet humor, but the 2010 deadly crash of a tour bus reminds the danger is no laughing matter.

A spokesperson for the State Department of Transportation, which owns the road, says the position hasn’t changed and the focus remains on signage and education about low bridges. The DOT reminds drivers of the 50 signals toward oncoming traffic on both sides of the bridge.

Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley, who took office in January, says one of his first calls as a rookie deputy was a similar bridge crash. He calls the continuing problem a “conundrum,” but think’s it’s “beyond the scope of the sheriff.”