April 1st was a shock to many in Central New York. One day removed from 70-degree warmth, we experienced snow in the air in Syracuse with a coating over some of the higher elevations.

In reality, however, it is much more unusual for Syracuse NOT to have snow in April than it is to have it.

In the 72 years since records have been kept at the Syracuse airport only two years, 1998 followed by 1999, had no snow in April.  That means 97% of the years have had snow in April!

The most recent 30-year average shows our ‘normal’ April snowfall of 3” but there have been a handful of very snowy Aprils.  Five previous Aprils ended up with at least a foot of snow, most recently in 2013.

In 1993, 12.2” of snow fell and pushed us our seasonal snowfall to 192.1”  The Blizzard of ’93 gets all press for that winter but it is that burst of late season April snowfall that made the Winter of 1992-93 the snowiest on record in Syracuse.

The most April snow is 16.4” of snow in 1983.