Are you doing the ‘9PM Routine?’ North Syracuse Police encourage you do

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NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s catching on around the country and North Syracuse Police want you to know about #9PMRoutine.

It’s become a popular, and simple, way for people to protect their home and property.

North Syracuse Police Sgt. Jeff Tripp says many criminals are out at night canvassing neighborhoods, looking for easy opportunities to steal property. He tells NewsChannel 9 about a pair of teens he caught committing a series of break-ins a couple of years ago.

“They walked down the street checking every house, they walked back the other side of the street. They told me they stay away from houses that have lights on, make sure you turn your outside lights on. They stay away from usually the cars that are locked, lock your doors and if they hear a dog bark, they say they wouldn’t go near those houses, anything else was fair game,” Tripp remembers them telling him.

So Tripp and several other police agencies around the country are promoting the #9PMRoutine on social media. Bring valuables inside, lock your vehicle, check your mail and look for packages, close your garage, lock your home and turn on outside lights.

Tripp says, “It’s kind of like muscle memory, routine, you do it over and over again, it becomes second nature.”

The #9PMRoutine is good now and probably forever, but he says something that’s changing fast is social media and what kind of apps your kids are putting on their devices.

Tripp tells NewsChannel 9, “There’s even apps that you can change the appearance of the apps on your phone. So you could have TikTok and Facebook and have them look like something else.”

Kik Messenger, he says, is popular with kids these days. It allows anyone to contact and direct message your child.

Kids can bypass traditional text message features. Kik gives users unlimited access to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

He also pointed out an app that looks just like a calculator app, but is one of several secret apps used to hide photos, videos, files and browser history.

“The one that is a real problem is SnapChat, because you can message other people and it disappears,” Tripp says.

On another safety front, North Syracuse is the process of creating an internet shopping safe zone right in front of the police station on South Bay Road.

There will be designated spaces so if you’re online buying or selling and not sure about its authenticity, you can arrange to meet there.

And if you want to protect yourself against scams click here to get the Federal Trade Commission website detailing some of the most popular ones.

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