Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing in East Syracuse has turned 50 and is continuing to grow and add jobs.

The company makes casts that customers and clients can use for parts or full production materials to test their inventions or get products proper regulatory approvals.

Paul Armstrong is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing.

He tells NewsChannel 9, “From cars to trains to space ships to musical instruments, everybody has to prototype it and prove it out.”

“So if a customer is designing a new product they want to take to market and they need a few pieces, few hundred or a few thousand, we fill that niche,” his brother Peter Armstrong tells NewsChannel 9.

Peter Armstrong is the President of the company his dad started in 1968.

John Armstrong, a pattern and model maker, came to the United States with his wife from England a few years before that looking for work in his field.

His son Peter remembers, “His dad had raised him and his brothers to think the best place in the world to live was the United States.”

After working for an established company here in Syracuse, John Armstrong branched out to start his own business.

Son Paul says, “I can remember him saying to me, ‘I can’t believe so many people want to come work for me’, he was just thrilled.  His goal was to have a five-man business.”

That five-man business has grown to about 140 employees now working on projects like the hubcaps on one of the limousines for former President Barrack Obama.

“Years ago we had parts on the Space Shuttle, or like a fighter aircraft or things like that, those are the things I personally enjoy to see our parts go into,” says Peter Armstrong.

His brother Paul adds, “And being a music guy probably my number one favorite thing is there was a local guitar builder who had us cast aluminum body guitars, so we made some of these guitars and when the Rolling Stones played the Carrier Dome he gave one to Keith Richards who actually played it on stage.”

It can take several years of work on a prototype for certain customers, like the military, or quick orders in a matter of months.

Armstrong quickly pumped out 500 kiosk prototypes that will eventually be used to replace all 7,500 phone booths around New York City.

The company often takes on jobs others won’t or can’t do like a device used by retailers all over the world to scan price and deactivate anti-theft measures in products at the time of purchase.

Peter tells NewsChannel about one of his favorite examples of a unique project Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing has worked on in the past. “One of my favorite examples is, if you know what a Segway is, two wheeled devices you stand up and drive.  Early on before that hit the market we worked on that product.  So we had an engineer who brought one in and we got to ride around on a Segway before you ever had seen one or knew what it was.”

Armstrong has a global presence that includes customers from across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

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