CENTRAL SQUARE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– Roy Bresnahan’s been racing at Brewerton and Fulton Speedways for over a decade. During a normal season he would race one of his dirt cars on Friday night and the other on Saturday night. 

But with gas prices accelerating at a record speed, he’s having to pump the brakes. 

“I’ll just stick to one night a week and see what happens from there,” Bresnahan said moments before heading out onto the track at Brewerton Speedway. 

Even though he’s cutting back on how often he races, his wallet is still feeling the heat. It now costs Bresnahan about $100 for 10 laps. By the time he’s done racing for the night, he’s spent nearly $500. 

“It’s getting to be a little ridiculous to spend this extra money just to go have a little fun,”

Roy Bresnahan, racer

And gas isn’t the only thing he’s paying more for. Due to supply chain issues and shortages, he’s paying more for engine parts and tires. 

Bresnahan said he’s going to keep his other dirt car in the garage, for now, hoping he can go full throttle next season.