NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) Reduce, reuse, and raise awareness! Assemblyman Al Stirpe showing up Sunday for an environmental forum at the World Mission Society Church of God, focused on saying “goodbye to plastic.”

The Syracuse chapter of ASEZ WAO held the forum, which stands for Save the Earth from A to Z, We Are One.

“We’re trying to raise awareness so that all together as one we can take part and really promote action to be able to help out the earth and take care of it,” said Ashley Gonzalez, a volunteer.

Sunday’s forum included educational videos, speakers, and presentations on worldwide concerns about plastic.

“It speaks all about there being this huge garbage patch in the middle of the pacific ocean that many people are not aware of, but the garbage just continues to accumulate primarily being plastics,” said Gonzalez.

ASEZ WAO is a young adult volunteer group working to make a difference in the world.