NEW YORK, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — New York State Attorney General is suing the owners of the troubled Skyline Apartments in Syracuse.

Letitia James’ office says Greenland Property Services, LLC and its related entities, Green National is being sued for failure to address ongoing problems at the building on Tuesday, October 25.

Green National agreed to fix all outstanding code violations, abide by the city’s nuisance abatement order and pay a $300,000 penalty but failed to retain a monitor and fix the code violations in a timely manner.

As a result, Attorney General James is suing. The lawsuit is to enforce the agreement and make Green National pay civil penalties for non-compliance.

“Tenants deserve to live in habitable conditions and feel safe in their homes,” Attorney General James said. “Earlier this year, I pledged that if Green National did not clean up its act I would use the full force of my office and the law to put them in line and protect tenants. Today, I am making good on that promise and suing them for violating our agreement. Green National is shirking its legal responsibilities and failing to address issues at their building that are unacceptable for tenants. Green National must do more for its tenants and my office is determined to hold them accountable.”