AUBURN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – After such a successful donation drive back in March, the Auburn community held another one to send supplies to the people in Ukraine.

Neighbors in Auburn collected clothes and medical supplies to send to those displaced from their homes.

“We all know how many millions of people are internally displaced in Ukraine so just imagine those people who left their homes with nothing but a backpack.”

Father Vasile Colopelnic, Pastor at St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Auburn, stressed how important it is to help.

“This is why this help is so essential for them to help with just elementary items they need for their hygiene and some basic medicine.”

And for this drive, Colopelnic had some extra helping hands as the Auburn modified lacrosse team spent their Saturday morning boxing supplies and loading them up.

“It doesn’t seem like a big deal to us,” Michael Mellauer said, “But I know over in Ukraine it’s a very big deal and their lives are altered over there by all this conflict so I’m just here to help.”

Lukas Hearnsmath shared similar thoughts.

“It feels good, like helping people that don’t have, what we have.”

Father Colopelnic, who helped organize the first donation drive in March, said these drives happening in Auburn and all across the country show how there is still a lot of good left in the world.

“It always impresses me so much the fact that people in the county specifically in Auburn are so generous,” he said.

“Seeing this generosity of the whole world we are a small town here in Auburn New York but all throughout the united states people are doing the same in support of Ukraine and I think this is very comforting.”