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Auburn Community Hospital to team up with two larger hospitals

Auburn, NY (WSYR-TV) - Auburn's largest employer, Auburn Community Hospital, is teaming up with two other hospitals in our region.

The small, 100-bed facility only has so many services available, that's where St. Joseph's Health and the University of Rochester Medical Center come in.

"By having this collaboration, it's one system where a patient can start here, can go to St. Joe's or to the University of Rochester, so it just gives better access and better condition of care," said Scott Berlucchi, CEO & President, Auburn Community Hospital.

The three hospitals have been working on the partnership on for the past two years.

"We needed partners and we needed good partners, so St. Joseph's Health had been very picky as to who we partner with. Auburn was a hospital in the right place with the right number of patients, right mix of services and same thing with the University of Rochester," said Leslie Paul Luke, CEO & President, St. Joseph's Health Center.

The group is hoping this formal collaboration will make it less stressful for patients and give them access to more services.

"We have open heart surgery, which Auburn doesn't have, so for basic cardiology a patient can come here, but if they need more complex procedures, they can come to St. Joseph's Health," said Luke.

Auburn Community Hospital has more than one thousand employees. They're hoping this new collaboration helps with new employment as well as physician recruitment.

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