Auburn nurse helps patients in area hardest hit by COVID-19 pandemic

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AUBURN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A nurse from Auburn Community Hospital has been deployed to one of the areas hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. On April 10, 2020, Jennifer Socci started working at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx to help people suffering from the virus.

“It’s bad,” Socci said. “I’m on a 12-bed unit and eight or nine of them were intubated and just last night two more were intubated. They are being proned, which is flipping on their belly to allow the lungs to expand more because this disease is not allowing people to breathe.”

She is by their side 12 hours a day, seven days a week. When she first told her parents and two children she was volunteering to help patients in the country’s epicenter they were concerned but still supportive.

“She was setting the right example for her children, but she was setting an example that you don’t often get to do,” said John Socci, Jennifer Socci’s father.

Socci still knew her deployment would not be easy for them.

“My parents have buried two of their kids and I am their only remaining daughter, which was my biggest apprehension in this. If something happens to me, I don’t know how they’d react,” Socci said.

The Socci family lost their son Chris in 2013 to a heroin overdose. It was his first time using.

Prior to that in 2011, their daughter Katie, a young mother and a nurse, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

The Socci family has turned their pain into purpose, helping other families across the state, even the country. The same caring spirit, seen and felt by every member of the Socci family, shines through Jennifer Socci, as she continues to help strangers in their darkest hour.

“When I’m in with a patient, even if they are sedated, I talk to them as if they were my family member and if they make it out of this, I hope they have some recollection of kindness,” Socci said.

If you want to follow Socci’s journey, visit her YouTube page.

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