SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We are still in the dog days of summer, but that doesn’t mean families aren’t looking ahead when preparing to send their kids back to school.

However, inflation is expected to affect the supplies kids need the most this year, and that isn’t even the only problem parents worry about.

Sue Sobon, a teacher, and mother of three said she is worried about making sure her kids have enough supplies in the first place.

“I feel like the supply chain is down everywhere,” She said, “So I’ve started actually shopping now for some basic things like pencils and actually some notebooks.”

Survey data shows that in order even to afford school supplies many families will be cutting back on spending in other categories. Sobon, however, has a new solution she is trying this year.

“We are also looking into upcycling, so any of our supplies from last year like the plastic folders if they can be used again we are going to use them again,” she said, “We are going to use bookbags again there is no reason why they have to be replaced just because it’s a new school year they all are completely functional and good to go.”

Sobon is even taking advantage of her oldest son’s supplies, who no longer need them after graduating college.

“He left a whole bunch of school supplies for us that we are going re-use,” She said, “And feel like if they have a purpose we’re just going to use them.”