As school supplies are thrown into the cart, your budget might be thrown out the window! Outfitting your child to go back to the classroom can cost a pretty penny.
“Well, back to school is traditionally the second-biggest shopping season of the year,” said Amanda Nicholson, Professor of Retail Practice at SU.
The average household shells out about $700 a year on supplies, with a good chunk of that money spent in the month leading up to school.
“The research is telling us that people are actually going to spend more on back to school than in previous years, which is helpful for retailers, whether it’s online or through the store,” said Nicholson.
Many parents are heading to the mall and turning to their home computer to get what their kids need, but for some families, shopping online isn’t worth the hassle.
“It’s easier for me to just come here, throw it in the cart, get it home and let them unpack it or organize it,” Amy Diel, who’s was shopping for her kids at Target.
Experts say it’s apparel and electronics that has people spending the most.
“Technology and apparel make up at least 80%of what people buy,” said Nicholson.
Most districts in the Central New York area head back to class just after Labor Day.