SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A local Baldwinsville angler was close to setting a New York State record for a Tiger Muskie catch!

On Sunday, June 11, Claire Wilson was fishing on Onondaga Lake when she caught a 42.5 inch and 19 pound Tiger Muskie while fishing on her husbands birthday!

The current state record for a Tiger Muskie caught is a 50 inch, 35.8 pound fish caught by Brett Gofgosky in the Tioughnioga River in 1990.

Wilson got pretty close to that record while fishing with her husband, beating him on his own birthday! She lured the fish using a tube jig with an eight pound test line.

“I had to take it slow and easy,” said Wilson.

Wilson says she and her husband fish quite a bit, but her husband is the skilled one.

“I just am a good student and he puts me in good spots. This is my longest fish.”

After taking pictures with the fish, Wilson carefully released it, which she and her husband do every time they catch something.

Wilson said her heaviest fish she ever caught was a Catfish last summer in the Seneca River that was 27 pounds and 36 inches.