BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Baldwinsville Board of Education announced Monday night they plan to have a decision on the fate of suspended Superintendent Jason Thomson before the board’s next regularly scheduled meeting on November 21.

The Board of Education met Monday night for a special executive session where suspended Superintendent Jason Thomson and his attorney were present. The board immediately entered into executive session and then a short while later pulled Thomson and his attorney into the closed-door meeting. NewsChannel Nine asked Thomson and his attorney why they were there and if they could answer some questions; they both declined to comment.

Thomson is currently on paid administrative leave after he was seen crowd-surfing during the homecoming football game and later arrested on school property for drunk driving at nearly twice the legal limit.

Once the special executive session adjourned, Thomson and his attorney were not seen leaving the building the way they came in, likely trying to avoid our cameras and questions.

The board’s regularly scheduled meeting convened without comment. Baldwinsville parent Lyndsey Hodkinson was the only person to speak up during the public comment period and urged the board to be more transparent in their ongoing investigation into Thomson. Multiple board members commented on Hodkinson’s statement later on in the meeting during the board’s round table discussion. Board members thanked the community for their patience and admitted it is time for them to come to a decision.

The board entered into two additional executive sessions during the evening and Board President Jennifer Patruno shared with reporters that they are very close to making a decision and are working on finalizing the process. She said a decision would come in the form of a special meeting sometime before the next regular board meeting which is scheduled for November 21.

Thomson is scheduled to re-appear in the Baldwinsville Village Court on November 16 at 4:30pm after he plead not guilty to his DWI charges.