BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Baldwinsville Board of Education moved to appoint Dr. Joseph DeBarbieri as superintendent of schools effective July 1, 2023, when the position becomes available.

The motion was carried out by a 5-4 vote at the Baldwinsville Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

Acting superintendent, Dr. Kathleen Davis presented the board with an assessment and review of the district’s operations to make the appointment.

“The board and I have had many long nights and careful discussions, and we believe that Dr. DeBarbieri will provide the consistency and stability the district needs,” said acting superintendent Dr. Kathleen Davis. 

The board says they made their decision based on community feedback in writing, at public board meetings, and at a recent staff ThoughtExchange.

“The board is committed to working as a team with Dr. DeBarbieri to move the district forward for the students, ” said Board President Jennifer Patruno.

The district says that Dr. Davis will continue to serve as acting superintendent and will help Dr. DeBarbieri with his transition.

The Baldwinsville BOE will direct the Board President and Vice President to work with legal counsel to prepare the employment contract with Dr. DeBarbieri for the board’s consideration to serve as superintendent of schools.

Dr. DeBarbieri started his career in Baldwinsville in 2002 as a math teacher at Charles W. Baker High School.

According to the Baldwinsville BOE, Dr. DeBarbieri has worked at Baker High School and Van Buren Elementary School as a building administrator and also served as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction before taking on his current role as deputy superintendent. 

Dr. DeBarbieri has a Doctor of Education from Syracuse University, a Certificate of Advanced Studies from Syracuse University, a Master of Science from Le Moyne College, and a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University.