BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Baldwinsville School District is adding new safety and security measures to its football stadium and main campus this school year.

According to a message to the community, new security measures at the Pelcher-Arcaro Stadium will start Friday, Sept. 22.

“Safety and security are extremely important to our district and we have continued to be proactive with our safety protocols, infrastructure improvements, staff training and school resource officers/special patrol officers staffing,” said Dr. Joseph DeBarbieri, superintendent of schools.

Changes during the 2023-2024 school year will include not only new weapons detection systems, but an increase in the number of special patrol officers on main campus, new safety protocols at Pelcher-Arcaro stadium, and Armoured One Window Hardening and surveillance cameras. 

The new weapons detection systems will require all students, staff, and visitors to remove their metal items before walking through the device. The district plans to purchase enough units to eventually have complete systems at each school building. 

Courtesy of the Baldwinsville School District

“The goal is to have the systems in use in our secondary school buildings first beginning with our high school,” Dr. DeBarbieri said.

In order to install these new measurements, the district used funds from the New York State Smart School Investment plans, which means there will be no additional cost to Baldwinsville taxpayers.

The following rules will be implemented at the Baldwinsville School District Friday:

  • Metal Detector Screening: No one is allowed in the stadium without being scanned.
  • No Bookbags: Any person carrying a backpack will be refused entry.
  • Bag Search: Diaper bags, purses or medically necessary bags will be searched.
  • Security Detail: Increased law enforcement and staff presence at all events.
  • Chaperones: Middle School and Elementary School Students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and seated with them during the game.

“We are listening to the concerns of our families, staff members and community members, and we are working to be as proactive as possible to keep everyone safe,” Dr. DeBarbieri said.