BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Baldwinsville community continues to mourn the shooting death of 14-year-old Ava Wood, after being found dead inside her father’s home in an apparent murder-suicide.

Ava Wood is being remembered for so many things. Those who knew her say she was loving, caring and energetic.

“One of the great things that we do is right here, this wall that’s here behind me. The students have written little messages to Ava,” said T.J. Fraher, Principal at Durgee Junior High School.

The words “We miss you Ava,” “I love you Ava,” and “Rest Easy” are just a few of the messages students have left on the Remembering Ava wall, found inside Durgee Junior High School, where Ava was a 9th-grade student.

“We also have a tribute in another part of the school that the students chose in an area to tribute with some pictures and different memories,” said Fraher.

Photos of Ava and messages from her classmates and teammates can be found in the area, just down the hallway from the Remembering Ava Wall.

“Her colors are red, purple, and fluorescent pink are the three colors. So everything we do, we try to do each day we’ve been trying to honor her with those colors,” said Fraher.

Fraher says this first week back to school since the tragic death of Ava has been unimaginable. He says there’s been ups and downs. Everyone is dealing with this tragedy in their own way.

But he says as a whole, the building is in a better place compared to just a few days ago on Monday, and that’s because they have each other.

“I’ve seen laughter, I’ve seen tears, I’ve seen hugs, I’ve seen people just want to be by themselves. Everyone is dealing with it in their own way and we’re just trying to support everybody the best that we can as a district,” said Fraher.

On top of honoring and remembering Ava, the Baldwinsville School District is taking care of students and staff, making sure resources are available.

“Every counselor in the district has been available if needed to come support students, staff and any person that needs that support in the building,” said Fraher.

Fraher says just in the last few days, the support he’s seen has been unbelievable and has this message to students and staff, “We have each other.”