Bars, restaurants, brewers use Syracuse’s BeerBoard to track beer sales drop by drop, minute by minute

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — BeerBoard of Syracuse continues to add to its roster of clients across the U.S. That includes bars, pubs, and restaurants with ten of the fifteen top brewers now.

The company, founded in 2005, provides up to the minute data to their customers about beer sales.

The founder of the company, Mark Young, says it all got started to address the inefficiencies he noticed as a craft beer distributor nearly 20 years ago.

“Big piece of our business, we did about 60% of our volume in bars and of that volume, 90% was on draft. What we found was a very inefficient marketplace, archaic system,” Young tells NewsChannel 9.

He says the bar itself had a lot of inefficiencies starting with a lack of real-time data that could lead to theft, loss, and waste.

“For kegs they have to go in the coolers and lift kegs and they make an estimate and put it into some kind of spreadsheet or software, and that’s done on a weekly basis,” he adds.

So Young and a couple of partners sought to build and refine a system of tracking beer sales that would be much more efficient.

“We looked at it as a way, how can we create this best in class platform that would solve that problem,” Young says.

For starters, BeerBoard put flow sensors on every tap, tracking each pour by the minute. That data is then reconciled to what is rung up at the register.

Young says it eliminates loss, “By that I mean over pours, ringing the correct products and unauthorized comps that they can now control.”

BeerBoard gives General Managers real-time data on any platform they want, from email, text or mobile app.

The CooperTop Tully’s chain, based in Syracuse, was one of the first to sign on with BeerBoard and is still using their system today.

“We use the data to analyze the different trends for our beers, so our guests see what they do enjoy, so we can give the guests what they want, 100% satisfaction,” says CooperTop Fairmount General Manager Sarah Snow.

BeerBoard also has a device in the keg room that measures the drop in beer levels in each keg.

“Our mission is really taking data and technology and all these cloud applications that are out there and we really focus on how do we make the technology fill a gap in the operations of the restaurant to help them make things easier, make it more efficient and make them more money,” Young says.

He adds the data they give their customers is easy to understand in a dashboard format.

“They don’t want to look for data and they don’t want to crunch numbers. What they want is help in understanding what are the right things and right decisions to make,” Young tells NewsChannel 9.

Their customers include every single Buffalo Wild Wings in the country, which is nearly 1,300 locations, including Township 5 in Camillus.

The roster also includes Hooters, Wing House, Twin Peaks, Mellow Mushroom, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Guinness, Heineken, and New Belgium Brewing (makers of the popular Fat Tire line of beer).

Young explains that the data allows BeerBoard to help its customers manage content for their draft and bottle list on the menu, and even help them with promoting local features at every store.

This helps them provide the best guest experience by ensuring what’s on the menu is what’s on tap and what’s on tap is what people want.

“It’s a fun ride to develop it, commercialize a great technology and build great relationships across the country and we started it right here in Syracuse,” Young says.

The company now has 30 employees, 20 based here in Syracuse.

Click here to learn more about BeerBoard.

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