(WSYR-TV) — New York State is known for being one of the best wine regions, and luckily residents of Central New York have some of the best wineries in their own backyard.

This summer, as wedding season and family vacations are happening, you might be thinking of some wineries to visit nearby without having to drive over two hours to get there.

That’s why NewsChannel 9 put together a list and map of the best wineries in Central New York according to Google, that you can put on your list to visit over the summer, and maybe even find a new favorite wine!

Best wineries in Central New York

26. Owera Vineyards

  • 4.3 stars (177 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Exquisite music, wine, food, ambiance, and a wonderful staff.” — R. Hazen

25. Angela’s Vineyards

  • 4.7 stars (230 reviews)
  • Top Review: “We sat outside and enjoyed wine flights with cheese and cured meat snacks.” — Scott Collier

24. Grace Tyler Estate Winery

  • 5 stars (100 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Excellent service, wonderful staff and I highly recommend the diamond wine.” — Randi Klossner

23. Strigo Vineyards

  • 4.5 stars (86 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Omg, the service and food was far above a Syracuse area restaurant.” — Corinne Cerminaro

22. Giancarelli Farm, Winery and Distillary

  • 4.8 stars (20 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Fabulous little winery, very helpful and had a great selection! I will definitely be back to buy more! Thank you!” — Medusa Marie

21. Beak & Skiff Apple Hill Campus / 1911 Tasting Room

  • 4.6 stars (899 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Cool day trip with lots of tasty apple treats and wine/cider/spirit tastings.” — David Syracuse

20. CJS Vineyards

  • 4.9 stars (37 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Highly recommend for good wine and friendly customer service.” — Bobby Reddick

19. Colloca Estate Winery

  • 4.6 stars (206 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Very enjoyable afternoon. Wine tasting followed by a glass of wine and a beer then delicious pizza. Wine is well done. Wine bar offers their wines plus a good variety of ales/beers. Wood fired pizzeria and more for when hungry. Very friendly service all around!” — Ken Milligan

18. Ashley Lynn Winery

  • 4.7 stars (29 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Great little winery by Oswego NY..farm stand charm with great wines. Nice variety of fruity wines & many weren’t overly sweet. Real worth the stop if you are out on the scenic waterways trail.” — Cheryl

17. Chateau Dusseau

  • 4.9 stars (49 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Great atmosphere and place to enjoy a glass of wine. Loved the conversation and music we heard. Thanks for hosting us!” — Sebrinia Welch

16. Treleaven Wines

  • 4.7 stars (197 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Rustic looking winery in lovely surroundings. Cheerful owner and staff, with many tempting wine varieties to choose from. Worth a taste visit!” — Armando Manuel Pereira

15. Bright Leaf Vineyard

  • 4.2 stars (86 reviews)
  • Top Review: “This place has one of the best views to watch a sunset in the summer. Food prices seem a bit pricey, but wine selections are good.” — Brittney Colton

14. Long Point Winery

  • 4.6 stars (114 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Good dry reds, friendly service, and a beautiful outdoor seating area.” — Scott Yargeau

13. Heart & Hands Wine Company

  • 4.7 stars (47 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Winery with large selection of beer/great view of lake cayuga/friendly staff.” — Raymond O’Keefe

12. Izzo’s White Barn Winery

  • 5 stars (23 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Lovely property, great service, and the cab franc and noiret were delicious!” — Vanessa Komarek

11. Quarry Ridge Winery

  • 5 stars (47 reviews)
  • Top Review: “My wife and I stopped here last Saturday a gorgeous 70 degree day. We sat outside with a beautiful view of the lake. I did the wine tasting, she had the Dry Rose which she really enjoyed. The four wines were all good, but the Unoaked Chardonnay, and the Dry Rose were my favorites. The inside had a very nice look to it. The people there were very knowledgeable and accommodating. I would highly recommend stopping there.” — Richard Teplitsky

10. Six Mile Creek Vineyard

  • 4.5 stars (213 reviews)
  • Top Review: “While on a mini vaca from Pennsylvania, being the wine lovers we are, we decided to check out the highway of wineries. Well this was our last stop. I am a sweet wine girl and they managed to tame my sweet tooth. Not to mention the Ameretto Amore, whoo baby, the BEST!!!! The atmosphere and scenery are astonishing, with very informative staff. I cant wait to return again.” — Julie Baum

9. Lakeshore Winery

  • 4.7 stars (51 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Wine tasting conducted by an extremely knowledgeable, and friendly woman. We actually tasted wine after sampling an extremely delicious brownie in order to experience the wine in a different way. Wines were delicious! I’m partial to pinot noir, so I bought a couple of bottles to bring home!” — Linda Orlando

8. Knapp Winery

  • 4.4. stars (190 reviews)
  • Top Review: “I think I have found the best place for wines, if we talk about the place it is wonderful and cozy, talking about the attention it is exceptional, the gentleman who for some reason forgot the name (sorry) he has a kindness and a gift of course. he wraps you in the history of each wine and definitely makes you feel at home. Thank you for your attention, we hope to return soon.” — Cesli Padilla

7. Goose Watch Winery

  • 3.9 reviews (97 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Really fantastic views of the lake. Lots of outdoor seating, and a great place to split a bottle of wine. I’ve seen weddings and bridal parties here. It’s a great winery to stop by if you’re winetrailing.” — Kris Harper

6. Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery

  • 4 stars (52 reviews)
  • Top Review: “The atmosphere of this winery is so different from all the others! It’s in an old hay barn (I didn’t notice any smell, which other reviewers had complained about). The wines are good, but the atmosphere of it really makes it worth the visit. They had a nice selection of dry and semi-dry wines and a couple fruit wines. We usually prefer dry wines, but we ended up with a bottle of their cranberry wine, which wasn’t overly sweet. They also had the only gewurztraminer that we truly liked. We would have liked to eat at their restaurant, but it wasn’t open for the season yet.” — Kathleen “Frankie” Warrell

5. Thirsty Owl Wine Company

  • 4.4 stars (414 reviews)
  • Top Review: “The wines were delicious and the service at the tasting was first rate! Christine was terrific, informative and very nice!!!” — Loretta Pratt

4. Hosmer Winery

  • 4.7 stars (139 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Kurtis was a fantastic host and gave us a wonderful experience. Great knowledge about wine and the specifics of the vineyard. Good for family fun and really great with kids.” — Kyle Kavaseri

3. Sheldrake Point Winery

  • 4.5 stars (170 reviews)
  • Top Review: “We did the Vintage Room tasting- it was wonderful! The room was cozy with beautiful arrangement. The wines were good as well! fantastic service and food (I loved the cheese and homemade jam!). We had a very nice conversation with the staff who helped us with the tasting. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend the vintage tasting experience!: — Yu-Chen Chiu

2. Frontenac Point Vineyard & Estate Winery

  • 4.6 stars (46 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Location and view is amazing, however you cannot do a tasting on the deck. You have to purchase a glass of wine or a flight to enjoy wine on the deck. Overall the wine was mediocre. We prefer the drier white and red wines that you find in California and Europe and the dry wines here are not on the same level.” — Brian Leonard

1. Bet the Farm Winery

  • 4.7 stars (114 reviews)
  • Top Review: “Great family owned winery. Delicious dry wines. Nice NY cheese selections. Extremely friendly owners with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We enjoyed our tasting and are taking home some delicious wine and cheese.” — Dave McCandless