CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Its that time of year again… pothole season. Crews are trying to keep up, repairing potholes throughout the city and county.

While they are busy repairing potholes, body shops like Dunn Tire in Camillus are busy repairing cars. The reason? You guessed it, damage usually caused by a pothole.

“Its one of the most common phone calls we get. Its very easy to hit a pothole, it throws your car, the alignment off, it will make it feel like its steering in the wrong direction, it can make noise, rattle,” said Craig Kopp, regional service manager at Dunn Tire in Camillus.

But Dunn Tire isn’t just getting calls during the spring about the pothole problem, but winter too.

“You’ll see more towards the winter time because potholes are hidden a lot more by snow and slush and people can accidentally hit them all the time. Its kind of hard to avoid them,” said Kopp.

And there’s a lot of them! At least in the city of Syracuse.

“So far this year, we’ve had about 280 requests for potholes. But of those about 85 percent of them have been filled and the majority of the ones that are open its because we received them within the last day or today,” said Corey Driscoll Dunham, chief operating officer for the city of Syracuse.

It doesn’t matter the size of the pothole either. Whether its big or small, your car could be affected by it.

“If you’re going fast enough a small pothole can damage it. It really doesn’t matter its more or less how you hit it, the speed you’re going,” said Kopp.

Dunham added, “Potholes are just a way of life unfortunately. But you know we’ve really been out there filling them regularly and we will be keeping up with the requests.”

So slow down and be patient while crews keeping filling the holes.

There are multiple ways to contact the city of Syracuse to address the pothole problem.

Contact by phone: 315 448 CITY or through the mobile app SYRCityline.

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