BOONVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Jonathan Kornmeyer, 14, from Boonville, has his own baking business called Boonville’s Broadway Baker. The name comes from his passion for baking and his love for singing and Broadway.

His baking started when he was 12-years-old when a baker that he loved retired. He told NewsChannel 9 he missed her sandwich bread, so he found a recipe and made it himself.

“Well you can make your own bread and I found a recipe for white sandwich bread, and I made it up like that day or the next day and I loved it and I said, ‘mom I want to do this,'” Kornmeyer said.

Kornmeyer said he made several loaves for his local farmers’ market and sold out within an hour. He said his bread was so popular, he was in the kitchen three to four days a week. So, he and his mother got a home processor’s license and started his new baking business.

“I can ship in New York State, but I can’t ship out of New York State with my current home processor license because of the New York State law, but I can ship to Syracuse, so we’ve had people order from Syracuse and all sorts of places,” Kornmeyer said.

Kornmeyer also does good deeds with his money.

“I took $2 or $3 from every loaf of bread and put that towards charities,” Kornmeyer said.

He says he loves seeing the reaction from his customers.

“It feels amazing,” Kornmeyer said. “Every chocolate chip and every speck of sugar that goes into someone’s mouth makes me feel amazing.”

Kornmeyer has a Facebook page with his menu, and he also takes orders there: