CORTLAND, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Raising awareness and money for childhood cancer, even on your wedding day.

There is a bond like no other, as a Cortland bride and her sister as the maid of honor did just that.

“I was like maybe this could help to avoid what she went through, I get emotional,” says Andrea Romans of Cortland.

At just six months old, Andrea Romans younger sister, Amber Neal was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“It was treated like cancer at first because they weren’t sure until they found it was Benign and not malignant,” says Neal.

A traumatic experience for Neal, Romans, and their family.

“I remember her being little and listening to her scream because they wouldn’t listen to my mom about where to take blood and we would be in the waiting room and this is hence why we started,” says Romans.

Both sisters started shaving their heads for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to help raise money and awareness to find cures for children with cancer. Now in her ninth year, Romans was not going to let her wedding day stop her.

“Usually we shave in March with our team but being that I wanted hair for my wedding day, I was like I wanted to shave the day of my wedding,” says Romans.

Being the maid of honor and now in her third year, Neal wasn’t going to let that stop her either. Both sisters walked down the aisle with a full head of hair.

“I have pictures of me with hair and everything, so I got to be that really beautiful with the hair and everything,” says Romans.

It wasn’t until the end of the reception that Romans and Neal decided it was time to start shaving their heads, throwing their wedding guests for a loop!

Romans added, “I wanted it to kind of be on the down low. I told the DJ we’re going to be shaving our heads. So he announced it and told them for Saint Baldrick’s.”

A tradition Romans and Neal will carry on, with hopes of finding a cure.

The sisters will both shave their heads again in March and hope to inspire others to do the same in the fight against cancer.

To learn more about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation click here.