(WSYR-TV) — Do you like to color to pass the time or shut out your stresses? Well, you are in luck today with it being National Coloring Book Day. Today, we received a gift from Morning News Producer, Bridget Brogan who brought in some coloring books to celebrate the National holiday!

Speaking of flashing back to our childhood, Steve reminds us that Mattel is seeking a Chief Uno Player. If you know how to play a reverse and like to get wild you might be a good applicant! The “Chief Uno Player” will get paid about $4,444 a week for four weeks to play the latest variation of the game.

Need a pick-me-up this Wednesday? Don’t worry! The largest coffee chain is offering a half-off deal! Since July 26, Starbucks began to offer a 50% off sale of its cold drinks purchased after 12 p.m. every Wednesday for a limited time.