NELSON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — When friends of Bradley Moses, a Madison County assistant district attorney, were attempting to revive him from what deputies call a drug overdose and calling 911, an inadvertent call to Cazenovia Village Court resulted in some of the chaos getting recorded over a voicemail system.

The recording and police records were obtained Wednesday by NewsChannel 9.

Police were told Saturday, July 30 began at a golf tournament at the Cazenovia Country Club, where the people admitted to drinking alcohol and using marijuana. To continue partying, a group of five moved on to Moses’ lake house on Tuscarora Lake in Erieville.

A witness interviewed by investigators said he “observed Eno and Moses cutting up a white powdery substance on top of the stove/cooktop,” organized into “three individual lines of what appeared to be cocaine.”

In what was described as a rush to clean it up before others arrived, after two lines of the substance were ingested, another person “wiped the substance off the stove/cooktop with his hands, into a folded dollar bill.”

That bill, and the powder inside, were found in a confiscated wallet. Marijuana and $1,275 in cash were also seized by police.

Witnesses told police Moses and another man were unconscious, which is how deputies found them. A field test determined what was thought to be cocaine was fentanyl, a much more lethal drug.

In the audio, people can be heard in the home calling out “Brad” repeatedly, apparently in an attempt to wake up Bradley Moses.

“Brad. Brad. Stay with me,” can be overheard at one point. “His lips are blue.”

One person overheard on the recording told another person calling 9-1-1: Tell ’em to bring Narcan.”

Nobody involved in the incident will face criminal charges, because of the state’s “Good Samaritan Law.”