SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The cannabis industry is exploding, and even Syracuse University is getting in on the action. The university is expanding its curriculum to keep up, by offering cannabis education programs.

People across the country and in Central New York are capitalizing on cannabis. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

“The demand has been off the charts,” said Daniel Kalef, VP of Higher Education at Green Flower.

A demand so high, even Syracuse University is getting on board. The university is now offering four cannabis education programs through a partnership with Green Flower. The courses include Business of Cannabis, Cannabis Health and Medicine, Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture, and the newly launched program, Cannabis Compliance and Risk Management.

“They’re all six months in length, because they’re made up of three eight-week courses and they’re all fully online,” said Kalef.

The programs are open to not only students at Syracuse University, but anyone 21 and older can enroll.

“They’re actually open to everybody, not just SU students. They’re non-credit continuing education programs and probably, I would say the vast majority of the students in the programs are not current SU students more. They’re more working adults that are looking for to change careers and get in to the industry,” said Kalef.

Instead of earning credit, students will earn a certificate of completion from SU.

“We have people who are in the industry today that are looking to really scale up and understand better or learn about another part of the industry. We have people that are getting into it, you know they just got a license, or they’re buying property or things like that,” said Kalef.

The programs also give SU students interested in a cannabis career a head-start.

“We continue to hear great feedback on it from the students, we have some ways to help them with careers after they complete the program. We have a partnership with careers and, they get special treatment there,” said Kalef.

Registration for the May courses is now open. If you’re interested in enrolling click here.