SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that starting May 19, capacity restrictions would be lifted for certain industries. Restaurant owners say this doesn’t change anything for them.

Marty Richardson owns Chelsea’s Bar and Restaurant, Rise&Grind Café, and Nestico’s Too, says this big reopening doesn’t make a difference. “I feel like people get the impression that it’s like some kind of win for us, but it isn’t because it doesn’t really change anything for us at all, and it’s just frustrating,” Richardson said.

Richardson said they still need to social distance, which is stopping them from being able to have more customers. “I think they really need to take away the six foot rule for it to make any difference for us, to go back to normal and to be able to seat our full capacity,” he continued.

For Richardson, dividers cost about $100.00 each which could get costly. With that six foot rule still in tact, they would need to buy more of them to have the restaurant at full capacity.

“Unless we’re going to invest some insane amount of money in making these dividers, and the dividers take room and we do that but, but that means that takes away table space, and less table space means less people and less people means less money for us,” said Richardson.