Carrier Dome project on track to be finished by Sept. 18

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Carrier Dome roof replacement project is hitting the home stretch and is still on schedule to be finished by September 18.

The new ACC plan for fall sports puts the first scheduled home football game for Syracuse University on September 26.

Dome Managing Director, Pete Sala, says, “The thing that is the most comforting to me is everything that we need to finish is here.”

Right now between 160 and 200 workers are on-site every day, two shifts a day, seven days a week.

Sala says, “I don’t think people in this town realize the level of skill we have with this workforce in Syracuse, god bless them, they are unbelievable.”

The steel supporting structure that holds the rigid roof and then fabric roof is mostly in place and roof deck panels will be going on in the next few days.

Within the next couple of weeks, the actual roof itself will be pulled and stretched over the steel. The fabric in the center of the roof is the part designed to let maximum light into the building.

Another piece of the project is well ahead of schedule: air conditioning.

Sala explains, “We have enough of the air conditioning done that we will be able to air condition some space with the new system this Fall. Very excited about that we weren’t planning on being at that point until May of ’21.”

He says the fact the building was originally designed to have A/C made it much easier to install. Sala adds the university at the time the Carrier Dome was built, 40 years ago, decided not to install air conditioning.

The air system has also been updated to be current with standards needed because of COVID-19.

“We have an incredible capability to roll the air over in the building multiple times an hour. We upgraded our filters in the building to meet the requirements that are suggested to help combat the COVID virus,” Sala says.

New restrooms, family restrooms and ADA improvements are nearly finished as part of the project.

Sala says the biggest step now for the project is to get it covered again.

“In order to make it all work it needs to be dry. We call it making shade, is what we’re trying to do, we need to make as much shade as we can every day so we can get the building watertight then bring in the equipment that can’t get wet behind it which is the sound, lights and the video,” said Sala.

The video board vendor Daktronics tells him that this is the third-largest center-hung scoreboard in the country. It will measure 62-and-a-half feet long by 20 feet high on four sides.

The four corners will be 20 feet high by 10 feet wide, and there will be a six-foot-tall 360-degree ribbon inside the board along the bottom. There will also be lights and cameras inside the video board speakers for security and other purposes.

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