SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Cago Auto Group on Erie Boulevard fixes cars every day, but they are now having to fix cars from their own lot.

This week, two individuals smashed the windows of numerous cars in the family-owned business’s lot, stealing anything valuable they could. They did not escape with much, but the cost to repair the damaged cars will be high.

Owner of Cago Auto Group, Chao Li said it could cost $300-$400 to fix the broken glass in each car, adding up to thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

On top of the financial costs, it’s draining for the family as crimes are committed against them.

“I feel furious because this is a crime and it’s a crime against us,” Jing Li, Chao’s sister, said.

Vandalism to cars at their shop has occurred multiple times this month.

Many customers of Cago Auto Group turn to them specifically as a minority-owned business, especially those who are also Chinese.

“They’re more comfortable to come to us for repair their cars, and they can communicate with us easier. And we have more affordable price,” Jing said.

Syracuse Police are working on the case with footage of the attacks having been provided to them. An evidence technician also came to the scene to collect evidence, said Syracuse Police Lieutenant Matthew Malinowski.

While the police do have footage of the crimes, they could still use a lead to catch the vandals.

“We would ask anyone that knows these kids, especially if you’re from that side of town, to give us that information. It’s going to be really huge to try to stop this,” Malinowski said.

If cars in their lot keep being broken into and damaged, Cago Auto Group will not be able to stay in business. They are hoping police can find the culprits, and make a quick arrest.

“Tell the police officer who did this,” Chao said. “If you know, help us, please.”