Central New York is arguably the hotbed of lacrosse, but the area is at the forefront of the game in another way too thanks to a Cascade Lacrosse of Liverpool.

Watch any game and it’s easy to notice the dazzling, aero-shaped helmets in a rainbow of colors protecting players of all ages.

They are the standard now, but didn’t used to be until Cascade came on the market.

“We started in Liverpool in 1990 with 2,000 square feet.  We’ve got well over 70,000 square feet now and started with two people and over a hundred now so that parts unbelievable.” Steve Moore, Business Director at Cascade/Maverick tells NewsChannel 9.

Early on, Cascade developed colorful and customized helmets not found in lacrosse at the time, but were common in other sports.

Cascade Lacrosse Global Business Director Tim Ellsworth says, “We looked at white water kayaking, skateboarding, and ski and snow and a lot of different options and we started to incorporate some designs.  We ended up with a helmet that looking nothing like the traditional lacrosse helmet.”

But Cascade knew to really own the market, it had to pump out helmets as fast as it could.

The company went from the industry-standard of a month plus to 48 hours from receipt of order, to getting it on a delivery truck bound for anywhere on the globe.

It’s only part of their philosophy which says not only does it also have to look and feel good but has to perform well in the lab.

“We understand that a lot of players, coaches and parents trust us to deliver high performance head gear for them.” Ellsworth says.

Cascade has a million dollar lab its about to expand even more.

“It’s not just about meeting the standard, its meeting the Cascade standard.” Moore says.

Hockey giant Bauer bought Cascade in 2012 but Ellsworth says there was never a thought about moving it out of Liverpool.

“We take a lot of pride in being a CNY company it really lends itself to lacrosse for so many reasons.” Ellsworth says.

With the sale, Cascade now partners with Maverick Lacrosse

Maverick produces lacrosse equipment and apparel and is also owned by Bauer Performance Sport.