CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– McCarthy’s Pub is usually hustling and bustling with Cazenovia College students every weekend, one of the only bars in the village to stay open late. But those days will be coming to an end after the Spring 2023 semester when Cazenovia College will permanently close its doors.

 “I’m sad to see it go I didn’t personally go there but I have a lot of co-workers and friends who did so I hope that business resumes as normal but it will be sad to see everything go and see the change,”

Kelsey Walsh, waitress and bartender at McCarthy’s Pub

And it’s not just traffic from college students that local businesses will be missing out on.

“Lots of parents, lots of families a lot of them come into town for events going on, to watch games, help them move in, move out, graduation so it’s definitely more than just the college kids themselves it’s their parents, their families, friends from out of town,” Walsh said.

Fortunately, Walsh said they have loyal local customers and many of the students that go to Cazenovia College are from the area and will still frequent local businesses including McCarthy’s Pub.

Other local businesses NewsChannel Nine spoke with shared similar sentiments also noting the traffic they receive from neighboring colleges and universities such as Hamilton and Colgate but Walsh said: “it won’t be the same without Cazenovia College.”