CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Cazenovia College’s Police Academy has established a new partnership with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, now the sponsoring agency of the program.

The academy will be known as the Madison County Regional Pre-employment Police Academy at Cazenovia College.

Through the college’s Center for Adult & Continuing Education, this program allows cadets interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement to continue their current employment and other responsibilities while completing the training.

Lieutenant Kevin Feola, a member of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, graduated from the Cazenovia College Police Academy in 2010. Now, he’s the director.

“I can see having gone through it, the benefits of putting yourself through and that extra dedication.”


Lieutenant Feola’s appointment to the position comes at an exciting time as Cazenovia College and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office collaborate to create program growth and flexibility for those enrolled.

It’s a phase academy and what it does is allow colleges to partner with police agencies to offer some initial training for applicants who want to get in the law enforcement field. We’ll actually train them, they come here on their own, and they earn college credits. It really gives them a leg-up in terms of the competition as far as getting a full-time job or even a part-time job through a police agency.


The program started as a way to take away the financial burden of smaller police departments and local agencies by sending applicants to full-time police academies.

“Most of the village police departments around here rely on part-time employees and they don’t have the funding to send people to an academy,” Lieutenant Feola explained. “So, being able to support local agencies and put out good candidates so they can get jobs in this community is huge.”

The Madison County Regional Pre-employment Police Academy at Cazenovia College meets all requirements established by the State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS.) Upon completion, any graduate of the academy is eligible to be hired anywhere in New York State.

Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood hopes it can help fill those open positions within his department.

“Police departments across the country are experiencing a shortage of officers due to a variety of factors and Madison County is no exception. This partnership will assist us in filling those gaps while providing cadets with more opportunities in training and job placement.”


Another focus of the new partnership is to expand training for cadets, specifically in areas like the K-9 unit, criminal investigations, drug enforcement, AMR training and more.

“There are certain topics we have to cover,” Lieutenant Feola explained. “With the county essentially being local in our size, we’re able to bring in a little bit more resources.”

The two partners also plan on expanding the program to include a corrections academy, especially as the need for corrections officers in Madison County continues to grow.

Corporal Mike Currie, the assistant director of the police academy and training coordinator of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, will play a vital role in building this program with his extensive experience in corrections. The coursework will be directed to individuals interested in job functions that facilitate the custody, safety and security of adults in jails.

The next training program for the academy will begin in September 2023. Applications will open in December 2022.

Classes will be held on Cazenovia College’s campus Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on Saturdays through June 2024.

Interested in applying or learning more? Below are a few things you should know.


  • Be citizens or lawful residents of the United States
  • Not have been convicted of a felony
  • Possess either a high school or high school equivalency (HSE) diploma

There are no minimum or maximum age requirements for cadets. However, pursuant to §58 of the Civil Service Law, a candidate seeking permanent appointment to a police officer title must be 20 years old on the date of appointment, and not more than 35 years old as of the date when the applicant takes the written examination.

Program Tuition and Fees:

  • Program Fee (mandatory): $225
  • Parking Fee (optional): $50
  • Total Tuition and Fees: $5,495
  • Financial aid is available to students who meet the eligibility

Cadets also have the option to earn 18 undergraduate college credits and a certificate in Law Enforcement at no additional charge.

Note: this is a two-phase program. The first phase is conducted pre-employment and the second phase is conducted after appointment as a police officer.

Learn more about the Madison County Regional Pre-employment Police Academy at Cazenovia College by clicking here.

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