SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s the last day of school for those in the Syracuse School District and many other districts in the area are also sending their students into the summer this week.

Teachers and administrators from Montessori at Lemoyne Elementary School said their goodbyes through a mask and a car window.

They cheered on the nearly 70 fifth graders as they prepare to head off to middle school.

“Just to remember Lemoyne because many of them have been here since Kindergarten, so it’s really been really great to see them grow over the years,” said Special Education Teacher Andrea Marshall.

As part of the celebration, the teachers handmade these little gift bags for the kids, which includes their class picture, a t-shirt and a memory book.

It’s the first time in months that they have seen their students in person. Though they have connected online, Principal Jason Armstrong said it’s been tough on his teachers.

Some are hoping to continue remote lessons over the summer.

Because they haven’t been face-to-face they lost a lot of contact with the students, so they want to try to stay connected over the summer and make it an easier transition when we do start back.

Jason Armstrong — Principal Montessori at Lemoyne Elementary School

“There’s nothing better than having that human contact you know with the kids right in front of you and having their emotions and their responses right there for you,” said Marshall.

So, as the teachers waved their fifth graders off, this isn’t the final goodbye.

“We always welcome them to come back and connect with us in any way that they can,” said Armstrong.

They will carry their gator pride with them throughout their lives.

The Syracuse City School District is waiting on guidance from the state to finalize its plans for the fall, but they’re developing curriculum. All remote, all in classroom or a hybrid of both.